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    Khamis, 25 Disember 2008


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    Limbang-Lawas traffic reduced to snail’s pace

    Posted By rajlira On 25th December 2008 @ 00:00 In Local

    LAWAS: It takes a shorter time to fly from KL to London than take the land route from Limbang to Lawas during the peak Christmas season, lamented a frustrated motorist.

    CRAWLING PACE: The long line of vehicles from Limbang to Lawas and vice-versa slowed down the journey to 13 hours.

    The reason is the traffic jam at the immigration posts of Tedungan in Limbang and Mengkalap in Lawas last week.

    A motorist, who wished to be identified only as Samat, said the snail pace caused them to take 13 agonising hours from Limbang to Lawas — a journey normally covered in less than two hours.

    Samat said he had to wait five hours to cross the river by ferry at Pandaruan in Limbang into Brunei’s Temburong district, where a long line of vehicles waiting for clearance at Puni Immigration post took three hours, followed by three hours at Labu Immigration post.

    Upon arriving in Lawas district, it took two hours for Immigration clearance at Mengkalap before he was on his way.

    Trusan bridge is still under construction and vehicles have to be transported across the river by ferry, which is operated by two separate service providers under the rotation system.

    “I have to follow the long queue which takes a whole day of travelling from Kuching to Miri.

    “The distance between Limbang and Lawas can be covered in one hour and 45 minutes under normal circumstances,” he revealed.

    Lawas town was brimming with cars from neighbouring Brunei and Sabah as it has become a popular transit town.

    The scenario of huge traffic volume this festive season caught everyone off guard, and police had to be roped in to keep law and order at the ferry points as patience runs thin from the agonising wait.

    Ba Kelalan assemblyman Nelson Balang Rining recently visited the site and urged Sarawak Rivers Board to allow both ferries to operate to reduce waiting time at Sungai Trusan in Lawas district.

    There are two river crossings and four immigration posts along this route, with two in Temburong district and one each in Limbang and Lawas district.

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