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    Ahad, 10 Oktober 2010

    Ikan timbul di Sibu

    SIBU: Hundreds of people flocked to the waterfront at Sibu Town Square Phase II, Kapit Wharf Terminal and Sg Maaw ferry terminal to catch the fish that surfaced in massive number yesterday.

    Many of them reaped a good harvest as the fish were just waiting to be picked up.

    The massive wood and timber debris floating down Rajang River were believed to have given rise to the uncanny and scary phenomenon with the fish appearing about 5pm on Friday.

    When words spread that lots of fish were wobbling on the surface of the river, people rushed to the river front, carrying with them fishing nets, pails and other containers and toiled all night until 3am in the morning.

    One of them managed to scoop such a big amount of fish that he was in a fix what to do with them.

    A Malay couple also managed to catch tonnes of fish which they later sold.

    It was not immediately known why the fish suddenly surfaced in large numbers.

    Local fishermen, however, believed that the floating mass of timber and logs also brought along pesticide used in oil palm plantations.

    The pesticide would have caused the salinity of the river to drop, thus forcing the fish to surface for oxygen, they reasoned.

    It was also speculated that the swift flow of the floating logs could have disturbed the condition of the riverbed, thereby bringing about the whole peculiar scenario.

    One fishmonger surnamed Wong, who had been in the business for more than 30 years, described the gigantic scale of the debris as unprecedented and never heard of.

    Fish, he said, are sensitive to any unusual movement or change of water condition or the eco-system.

    However, Wong said the fish were fit for consumption as there were no evidence to prove otherwise.

    Hundreds flock to water front for fish bonanza

    Posted on October 10, 2010, Sunday
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