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    Ahad, 1 Mei 2011

    Surat Terbuka - CAREfrontational

    Kelahiran T1M banyak mengundang kritikan dan pujian bukan kerana ianya satu sabjek yang mundur tetapi sesuatu penampilan yang inovasi dan penuh dengan nilai 'hybrid'. Lumrahnya, sesuatu perubahan serupa ini akan kurang disenangi oleh segelintir masyarakat.

    Saya telah menerima satu emel dari saudara yang bernama 'George' yang identitinya dirahsiakan. Beliau menyetujui beberapa perkara tetapi mempersoalkan pendekatan kami secara konfrontasi terhadap segelintir individu. Dan kedua, beliau bertanya samada konsep ini boleh diserapkan keperingkat cawangan.

    Dear Mr George,

    Thanks for your inquiry pertaining to our Teratak 1Malaysia (T1M) and we are very pleased that you have very professional approach towards all changes around. To tell you frankly, we are very open to new ideas and criticism provided the intention are all noble.

    One of our approached in having T1M is "carefrontational" which is part of the process of developing and instilling our new ideas. A cross between the words "care" and "confrontational" the idea is to highlight the need to have disagreements and encourage debates, but to always ensure that they are conducted professionally and with due care for other peoples' feelings and emotions. Too much confrontation is bad but so too is too much care, where difficult issues are buried and left unresolved. Avoiding tension in this way is often just postponing decisions or worse, ensuring that problems get bigger.

    Organisational unity and carefrontation are not incompatible. For a change, allow me to draw from the Quran which makes a very useful distinction between ikhtilaf al- tanawwu (disagreement due to diversity) and ikhtilaf al-tadadd (disagreement due to contradiction) where the former is accepted and in fact encouraged. The Prophet himself is quoted as saying the "disagreement among my ummah is a blessing". Acceptable differences include those of opinions and interpretation whereas madhmum or blaming is seen as violating the spirit of unity and should be avoided.

    As a leader of a big party, we must master the art of carefrontation. I would actually argue the the Pemimpin Masyarakat today must practise a strong culture of discussion and debate. We are determined to develop a carefrontational culture, right across all the associations and all form of committees across Kampung Punang. This is key to sustaining both unity and continuous improvement of the Punang people.

    Naturally, not all people appreciated this type of approach and where necessary, direct confrontation may be required, despite we have not gone through the later.

    In conclusion, let me share with you our intimate thought. In our mind, all the branch and sub-branch of political parties must adapt this approach to win the people's heart.

    Thank you and do not hesitate to email me if you have some more doubts.


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