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    Isnin, 23 Jun 2014

    Kpg Punang fishermen hit ‘jackpot’

    Red snapper among the two metric tonnes of fish caught.
     LAWAS: Fishermen from Kampung Punang here enjoyed an unusually bountiful catch on Wednesday.

    They netted more than two metric tonnes of red snapper and other fishes within seven hours, and the total amount could have been four metric tonnes if not for the limited capacity of their boat.

    They also caught plenty of fish known locally as ‘alu-alu’ and `ikan bekalang’.

    Fisherman Bakar Dinin said the inclement weather probably smiled on the fishermen.

    They did experience a similar phenomenon last year but the catch then was not that much.

    “Normally it is not easy to catch up to two metric tonnes, but last Wednesday it was very unusual,” he said yesterday.

    “In fact, it was about four metric tonnes but because our boat could not bring more than two metric tonnes we had to release the rest into the sea.”

    He added that they too had to go home early from the usual 1pm as they had to sell the fish on a wholesale concept.

    The fishermen normally set out to the sea at 6am and return at 1pm.

    Posted on June 22, 2014, Sunday
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